Howdy, I'm Chris.

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I learn and apply computing, cloud, and automation.

a little about me

Hi again, my name is Chris (Peter Francis). I'm currently a student at Texas A&M University studying IT Management, Cybersecurity and Business Administration. I'm currently working as a DevOps Engineer for a co-op with U.S. Bank and also a student research assistant in Texas A&M's High Performance Research Computing department. My interests lie in digital transformation, front-end development, and cloud-first. I'm quietly confident, and perpetually motivated to continue learning and building.


I enjoy building software products that automate, create impact and solve problems.


I love learning about and building global, scalable solutions and delivering reliability.


I am fond of creating solutions that automate work, and building software delivery pipelines.



Built an application to automate the process of transitioning from MediaWiki to MkDocs for TAMU HPRC. Continuing to build on the application to make available to all organizations as a open-source tool for documentation modernization.

Kaplan Automate

Raised $6000 for mental health awareness by creating web-scraping and web-automation Python application.

Cloud Education

Had the amazing opportunity to teach high school children about Cloud Computing with Texas A&M's HPRC representing AWS.

WIP: Cloud Resume

I am building this website following the steps (using AWS CDK rather than AWS SAM) outlined in the cloud resume project. If you want to read more about it click here, to view the (website) resume, click here.

Cloud Chat

Built a time-of-flight service application demo for TAMUHack 2022 (won best UI/UX) in a period of 24 hours using various technical tools. Go check out the write up here!

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

I am currently studying for the Terraform Associate 😄.

Diversity and Synergy are important, so here's a glimpse of my personal life :)

> chris.shows = ["Parks and Rec.", "The Good Place", "Kim's Convenience", "Demon Slayer"]

> = ["KBBQ", "Fusion Tacos", "Texan Brisket", "Nashville Hot Chicken"]

> chris.hobbies = ["Basketball", "Weightlifting", "Design + Architecture", "Kurzegesagt"]

> chris.interests = ["Sustainability", "Social Equity", "Computing Education", "Mental Health Awareness"]